Hairston Eldercare Services Inc
287 County Home Rd
Rockingham, NC 28379


Willie Wright Adult Day Center

Group Respite: Group respite services are provided at the Willie Wright Adult Day Center located in Rockingham, NC. Clients come to enjoy various activities in a safe and secure setting for up to 6 hours a day at an affordable rate.

Clinical Care and Disease Management:

This service provides home based acute clinical care as well as chronic disease management to home bound clients. Our primary goal is to reduce the risk of hospital admission by providing a continuum of care in the patients home. Hairston Eldercare Services accepts insurance for this service.

Counseling and Grief Support:

This service provides counseling as well as grief support to clients who are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety as it relates to their health or from the burden of being a caregiver.

Senior Concierge Services:

This service provides concierge services for clients with limited family support. This service provides an assistant to transport or escort clients to complete various errands such as paying bills or running errands.

Medical Billing and Coding:

Hairston Eldercare Services Inc. provides electronic medical billing and coding for organizations in the health care industry who provide reimbursable services. This service provides quality assurance and risk management audits to ensure our clients sustain financial health and to keep them focused on providing quality care.